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Pekos - ERP application for manufacturing companies

Wednesday, 28. 7. 2021

Pekos ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application is intended for manufacturing companies (bakeries, delicatessen products, haberdashery production, packing shops ...).


  • captures customers' orders,
  • makes the delivery,
  • prepares documents for production,
  • performs billing and material management.

The operation is effective

Users improve the operation of bakeries.

It allows:

  • Manufacture of pre-prepared order samples,
  • procurement through the use of mobile phones and PDAs
  • receival of orders via electronic data interchange.

Such a system is essentially transferres to the capture of orders on distributors and on customers.

Quality of production

Pekos increases the accuracy of production and provides the same uniformy of products. That is enabled through modules for systemization of recipes. They prepare all necessary documentation for production, so we can create impastation lists, tasks for the production, check the need for a raw materials, etc...

Quick commission

Commission to the customers is performed via PDAs and:

  • Ensures the accuracy of deliveries to customers,
  • introduces the control of orders fulfillment,
  • increases the speed of stocks rotation,
  • introduces the real-time management of inventories of items in the store and
  • optimises the stocks control of raw materials and products.


It enables the ongoing monitoring of implementation, which helps:

  • Faster response to market developments and
  • proper adjustment of marketing.

Business modules - invoicing

On the basis of invoices issued and repayments entered, invoicing to customers is carried out periodically. It allows the realization of the division of various invicing books for the domestic and foreign market . The installed program quickly integrates with other applications.

Business modules - a material business

Material management can monitor the movement of products and raw materials by the dates of applicability, which allows adjustment to the international HACCP standard. Built-in is the possibility of comparison of the consumption norms of raw materials after they have entered the consumption, which helps to control the accuracy of the consumption of raw materials.

Technological advantages

Pekos program is a product which is made on the basis of the most effective, modern information technology. Few advantages which will not be easily detected other programs include:

  • Data Server operates in a range of operating systems (Linux, Windows, Unix, HPUX), an application in all Windows.
  • Mobile Software multifunctional benefits palm technology (Pocket PC).
  • Ergonomically designed windows and specially designed software modules allow an extremely fast data input and processing.
  • The program installed quickly implements the distance requirements.
  • Data security is guaranteed by using standard SQL's databases.

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