Littera LIS - Library Information System

Wednesday, 27. 10. 2021

Littera LIS is designed for the management of a library.

It runs on Windows 7 or newer operating systems. Because it uses the cloud technology it needs constant internet. Littera LIS represents the high technology generation of the WinKnj product by MordiCom ltd. WinKnj has been on the market since 2006 and is used by over 450 libraries.

Littera LIS is a newcomer and therefore cheaper, more powerful, and it strives to become the most popular.

  • It supports new technologies and builds on existing solutions
  • Has good properties of conventional applications as well as online applications
  • Has its own development tool built in
  • Substantially lowers the costs of development and maintenance
  • Individual solutions (modules) are usable in all applications
  • Is simple and understandable enough for novice programmers

Littera LIS is a proper application. And at the same time it is a web application. Littera LIS is a browser, just like the one in which you are reading this text right now. But it cannot display a webpage, because it was not made for it. It was made for displaying the application ...

Littera LIS is available from 8 EUR per month ( Via the service PayPal ).

More about the Littera LIS web application ...

Littera-LIS Katalog

Littera LIS - Catalog

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